Our Vision is to build a poverty free Africa by raising Entrepreneurs through Digital Skills Training, Entrepreneurship Training, E-commerce & Investment.



¬ To make Online Business more enriching beyond just buying and Selling.

¬ To make life easier and productive for Online buyers.

¬ To become job creator in Digital Technology.

¬ To close the gap between the conventional market and the digital market.

¬ To support government in boosting revenue via Digital Technology business.



¬ Digital Empowerment Training for Startups and Unemployed
¬ E-commerce and Digital Marketing Mentoring Program for MSMEs
¬ Practical Digital Marketing Training for CEOs, Marketing Managers & Sales Executives.

We equally handle; Digital Marketing, Online Advertisement, Social Media Management and Website Development.

And we are also into Online Sales of Phones, Laptops Kitchen Utensils and Supplements.

Our website: insightlite.com.ng is the No 1 Life Enriching Online Store.


Exotic Features on our website are:

  • Entrepreneurship Training
  • Inspirational Stories
  • Healthy Living Tips
  • Business News
  • Tech News
  • Investment Offer


We are member of; Online Publishers Association of Nigeria, Online Advertising Agencies in Nigeria, Online Marketing Agencies in Nigeria, Alumni of Rapha Healthy Living Institute, Global Certified Website Developers, Social Media Agencies in Nigeria and Advertisers’ Association of Nigeria.

We are partner to; Technology Distribution Africa, Huawei Nigeria, Facebook, Nokia Nigeria, Microsoft Nigeria, and so many indigenous companies in Technology, Furniture, Food Processing and Packaging.

Our Companies powering all the projects and operations are:

insightLite International Company

Digital Circle Enterprise