Our simple vision for this platform is to feed nations, create jobs and thereby create wealth.

We do these by creating investment opportunities for potential wealth creators in Agriculture, Internet and industrialisation.




~Export Business

~Animal Farming

~Organic Farming


~Biogas Generation

~Agro-processing Investment Offers

~Farmland Leasing And Farming Arrangement

~ Consultancy



Our investment platform is just a simple but rich plan which is capable of transforming your financial status. It is also one of the best investment plan you can adopt for your retirement plan instead of the failing government plans.

Another interesting thing about this plan is the fact that it works for those who love to venture into Agriculture but do not have the time. Most especially, the civil servants and other salary workers in the private sector.

We do the farming on behalf of such people in partnership with our farmers which helps to bring the dream to reality.

Also on this platform, we buy products from our partners at wholesale price on behalf investors and resell as well on our e-commerce site on behalf of the investors.

The simple logic here is that, as an investor, you send your money on errand while we do the farming and the buying and selling on your behalf.

The offer goes by bumpa units at N20,000 per Bumpa. An individual is permitted to buy between 1 – 100 Bumpa per transaction.



*As an investor, you are making your money work for you.

*As an investor, you become a job and wealth creator with ease.

*As an investor, you become the part-owner of Nigerian biggest companies.

*As an investor, you will be securing your future and that of your family.

*As an investor, you will be planning your retirement with ease.

*Our programmes and services can accommodate you, your cooperative group, your family and also your children.


PROFIT: 20% profit per annum with other compensations and bonuses.



Pay an amount covering your desired bumpa at any Polaris Bank in favour of Insightlite, account number 1770736499.

Send your Name, Sex, Phone Number, Payment slip number, Next of Kin’s Name & Phone Number through your personal E-mail address to: investment@insightlite.com.ng

A confirmation message will be sent to you via your phone number and your payment receipt will be sent to you via your E-mail address.

Reports and updates will always be communicated via your E-Mail address and Phone Number.